frequently asked questions

Q. Is the Nevada Health CO-OP and the Nevada Health Link the same company or related?

Answer: No The Nevada Health CO-OP was created as a result of the ACA. The NHC is a self-funded, not-for-profit health insurance provider that offers health insurance on-exchange, off-exchange and SHOP.

Q. Does the NHC offer Stand Alone Dental and/or Vision Plans?

Answer: No The NHC does not currently offer stand-alone dental or vision plans, but we are evaluating the possibility of offering them in the future. The NHC does have child dental and vision embedded per ACA in our off-exchange plans.

Q. Does the NHC offer Group Plans?

Answer: Yes The NHC offers small group plans for companies with 2-49 employees and large group plans for companies with 50+ employees.

Q. Where can I find Your Formulary List?

Answer: A list of our formularies can be found under the “Individuals” tab near the top of our website. From the “dropdown” selection, click “Prescription/Pharmacy.”

Q. How do I find Star Doctors and VIP Doctors?

Answer: Providers can be found on our website by clicking “Find a Provider” on our homepage (near the top right). Providers are listed by region, Star Network and VIP Network doctors.

Q. Will the Nevada Health CO-OP offer agent/broker training in the future?

Answer: We conduct individual agency presentations on an on-going basis. If you would like to schedule broker training:
Please call: Luis Maceira at 702-575-4090 for Large Group training
Please call: Darren Marlow at 702-575-5494 for Small Group training
If you have any questions regarding broker materials, our plans and networks, or new business, you can email our broker support at or call 855-897-0317.