Hi! We’re the Nevada Health CO-OP, Nevada’s first and only member-controlled, non-profit health insurance co-operative. Which means your premiums are spent on one thing: providing and improving quality health care for you and your fellow CO-OP members here in Nevada. Built by Nevadans, for Nevadans, the CO-OP is open to any legal resident of Nevada—individuals, families and businesses of any size. And you cannot be excluded due to a pre-existing condition. For us this is bigger than just health insurance, it’s about changing healthcare and making it simply better. We’re all for high-tech, but we’re also “high-touch”, meaning we’ll personally guide you through enrollment, your benefits and your care. Why CO-OP?

  • We’re for quality coverage for all Nevadans.
  • We’re for helping you find all subsidies and tax credits available to you.
  • We’re for plans that protect patient choice. Not HMO’s.
  • We’re for larger provider networks with better choices, statewide.
  • We’re for quick access to care. No gatekeepers.
  • We’re for covering stuff the other guys won’t—like Acupuncture and Autism.
  • We’re for high-tech or high-touch service, whatever works best for you.